Where to relocate during retirement?

Most of the retirees prefer to spend their life in peace. They like to travel to a place, which is safely away from the crazy urban dins. In fact, we are also not much different from them. Many of us make plans to buy homes in ideal locations so that in our later period of retirement we can simply move in with comfort and there is only a feeling of peace in our mind.
It is in this regard that quite often we try to figure out which can be a perfect place for us to live in during our retirement age. The survey reports of the Del Webb show that earlier retired people used to find Sun Belt to be an apt choice for them. But, the trend has changed over the years. Now, North and South Carolina have become the favorite destinations among the baby boomers.
Around 36% of the people belonging to 50-year age bracket have the plans to shift their base to Carolina. Popularity of Florida, Virginia, Tennessee, Arizona and California among the baby boomers is found to be much less compared to Carolina this time. Only 15% of 50-year-old people think that Florida would be a nice place to relocate. Virginia, California and Arizona have managed to find only 8% preference votes for them as against Carolina.

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