When do you call yourself a senior citizen?

There is no definite parameter as such to say when an American can be termed as a senior citizen. Some people, who retire from work place, call themselves senior citizens. Some consider themselves seniors, when they become eligible for Medicare. There is another group which feels that if a person gets an invitation for AARP can be said to be a senior.
The Del Webb’s survey results show that 96% of 50-year old people don’t count themselves as seniors, whereas 56% of 64-year old people term themselves as senior citizens. According to 50-year old citizens, they cannot be called seniors because they haven’t reached 65 yet. Besides, they are not entitled to any benefits applicable in case of a senior citizen.
Another interesting observation is that about 50% of the 64-year old people feel that the status of senior citizen is not applicable to them as yet. They still feel young and energetic. However, some 64-year old people recognize their senior citizen status for the fact that they have become eligible for senior discounts and are more than 60 year old now.
The previous and current baby boomer generations feel quite young and energetic as against their actual age. The 50-year old people feel as young as a 39 year old and 64-year old people feel as lively as 50 year olds. The current generation of baby boomers suggests 78-year olds can be termed as seniors, while the older ones suggest the senior life begins at 80.

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