Travel Tours for Single Seniors


Travel tours for single seniors was a term few were acquainted with even a decade back. Single travel was almost an exclusive territory of young travelers, and the older adults were usually considered to be ideal candidates for family tours and traveling as couples. The reasons were obvious – older people have health issues, are usually less adventurous and often prefer to stay close to their homes and families.

However, with the boomers hitting retirement age, the entire scenario is changed one. The new seniors are anything but homebound. They look at retired life as the golden age where they can relive their long buried dream of traveling the world and that too, single.

Reputed traveling agencies and cruise companies are designing travel tours to specifically satisfy the wanderlust of senior retirees who are willing to travel all by themselves.

Some of the most popular single travel options for seniors are:


  • Single Senior Group Travels: Traveling with a group of single travelers, particularly seniors, is usually considered to be the best option. You will find it economical, secure and plenty of socializing opportunities will keep you happy and engage for most part of the tour.
  • Solo Senior Cruises: Single traveler cruises are gradually becoming the most important mode of travel for US seniors. There are a lot of on-board and off-board activities to keep you engage. You can book a group cruise with single seniors, or book your own private cabin. You will also not probably mind playing a bit extra for single supplements if the cruise and the programs really attract you.
  • Adventure Tours for Seniors: Who said that old age has to be bereft of adventures? Book yourself a seat in an adventure cruise and enjoy horseback riding, walking and even biking as on shore activities. You can also spend time walking and enjoy the sightseeing of the destinations you want to dock yourself while on a cruise.
  • Share Travels for Seniors: You can avoid paying the extra money for single supplements as well as the bustle of a group travel by opting for a shared travel. Sharing basic facilities with a partner can considerably reduce your traveling costs. You can choose your partners on the basis of sex and smoking preferences.


  • Seniors Traveling Alone: If you have the money to afford it and the health to support it, the best way to travel single is definitely to travel alone. You have the option to move when you want to and stop when you do not. You do not have to put up with traveling companions you do not particularly take a liking to and have all the privacy you can ask for. Traveling on your own is almost a spiritual experience. However, make sure you choose a destination closer home if you are not a regular traveler or a traveler for the first time.