Cruises for Single Seniors


Cruises for Single Seniors are becoming increasingly popular among US retirees and older adults. Single senior cruises provide great opportunities for passengers to socialize and have a wonderful time together. They also offer ample scopes for the single travelers to spend time alone.

On-board activities are the greatest attractions of cruise trips for single seniors. Dance parties with other single travelers, games and other events are organized by the cruise directors to bring travelers close to one another. Most cruises have on-board emergency facilities including a resident doctor,

an infirmary equipped to handle minor medical conditions, including oxygen and dialysis, and special facilities for passengers with special needs.

Alaska, Hawaii and the Panama Canal are some of the most preferred close-to-home destinations for single senior cruises. Mexican and Caribbean cruises are also quite popular. It is possible that you want to enliven your cruise experience with on-shore activities. There are a number of tour agencies that arrange for adventure cruises for single seniors where you can engage in walking and horse riding expeditions. Check whether the cruise offers pre-cruise and post-cruise packages if you are intent on sight-seeing. In such cases you are assigned a hotel on the port where you disembark, or from where you embark. Meals and special events are usually included in these tour packages.

There are various ways you can travel on a single senior cruise. Some of the most popular traveling options are:

  • Single Group Travels: This includes a large group of single seniors, who have booked a cruise together. Being a part of a group of single travelers is the best way to travel for older solo travelers. There are a number of activities organized for such groups. You may be assigned a roommate, but you can also opt for a private stateroom.
  • Single Supplements: Single supplements are usually costlier than couple or family travels. This is the best option if the itinerary and the program list of a single group cruise do not appeal to you. However, be ready to pay anywhere between 150-200 percent of the lowest per person price if you are availing single supplement benefits.
  • Single Share: You can avoid the high single supplement charges by choosing to share a room with a partner. Rooms are assigned on the basis of age and smoking preference.
  • Single Cabins: Only a few cruise liners offer single cabin facilities. By booking a single cabin, you can avoid paying extra charges of single supplements and yet have a room to yourself.