Tips for a Trouble-Free Home Exchange


Home Swapping should be a trouble-free process and there are various points to remember to make the entire transaction as smooth as possible.

  • List your home first. This essentially means sending out advertisements to others stating that you are open to home swapping offers. Including a photo would create a better response from interested parties.
  • Correspond with your exchange partner and satisfy all your queries before you enter into any swap deal.
  • Be courteous and patient in answering all the questions your prospective partner might have.
  • Work out your vacation budget and decide on the mode of payment
  • Plan your period of stay and discuss with him about the type of benefits you both are looking for.
  • Be honest. Avoid exaggerating the facilities that you would be lending out to your swap partner.

After Finalizing the Deal…

Clean your home thoroughly. Make sure bathrooms are free of mold. Your guests will appreciate a spotless home.

  • Make sure all appliances are working.
  • Have enough food in the kitchen to last your guests the first few days.
  • Keep lots of room in your drawers and closets for your guests to keep their things in.
  • Ask a friend, neighbor or family member to help your guests and answer their questions. Let your home swap partners know about broken tiles, cracked panes, or scratched surfaces in your home so they won’t think they have been responsible for these.
  • Arrange for people to clean the house if you and your exchange partners have not agreed to do these chores yourselves.
  • Inform your house and car insurance about the exchange dates. Give your auto insurer the names and driver’s license numbers of those who’ll be operating your car.
  • Lock away your valuables and important papers. It would be advisable not to keep these at home.
  • Leave a small welcome gift – something small like a bottle of wine, flowers, chocolates or even a local guidebook.

Exchange Your House Keys  

Some of the ways you can exchange keys are:

  • Make a copy of your key and mail it to your exchange partner if there is sufficient time.
  • Leave keys with your neighbor.
  • Leave your keys at a designated drop off or message center areas in the airport. However this only works if your partners are arriving on the same day you leave.
  • Keep the keys hidden at a designated spot somewhere around your home.


But if things go wrong…

Sometimes, an exchange may need to be canceled for certain emergencies. Always have other arrangements as a back up. Include cancellation of deal on account of emergencies as part of your agreement. If you have to cancel, inform your exchange partners immediately and try to find them other accommodation in your area.