Swap Homes on a Vacation


If you decide to swap homes on your vacation then you need to know how exactly to go about it. Here are some tips to help you plan your home swapping successfully:

  • Make your travel plans
    Decide on the when and where of your vacation. Ideally, you need to start looking for an exchange partner at least 3 months before your trip. The kind of swap options you get also depends upon where you’re going. Remember, that in addition to finding a home you’d like to stay in, you need to find a homeowner who wants to vacation in your area.It’s easy to find home exchanges in big cities like New York or Rome. Even if your destination is not as popular as Hawaii or the Gold Coast, you can still find home swap options. You might just have to search a little bit harder.
  • Advertise
    You need to let people know you are looking for an exchange. It is easy to advertise on the Internet. You can list your home on websites like HomeForExchange and 1stHomeExchange. Talk about what your own home is like, the popular tourist spots in your area and some of the recreational activities that visitors will find. You can even include photos of your home and write a few words about your family. You also need to list the destinations you are interested in. Remember that you cannot say everything in an advertisement, so you can share more details when people actually contact you.
  • Contact other advertisers
    Don’t just wait for other people to contact you after you place your listing on a home swap website. This way, you may end up waiting longer to fix a deal. Keep searching through other people’s listings, and contact the members whose homes you are interested in. You need to understand that a home-swap is not always finalized just because you and the other person have homes in the places you both want to visit; you also need to like the home (and also the family) well enough to want to exchange places.

Processes Involved in Finalizing a Home Swapping Deal

It is advisable that you keep the home swapping deal brief and simple so that it does not turn into a legal nightmare. You may initiate the process by having a written agreement about:

  • The exchange dates
  • The number of people involved
  • Conditions related to usage of car
  • Who pays what in terms of utility services

Websites that make home swapping easy for you

There are many organizations and websites offering exciting home swapping deals for seniors. Here we suggest you two such names that have been pioneering the field:

Intervac International Home Exchange Network

Contact PO Box 590504 (United States)
94159 San Francisco
Phone: 800-756-4663

HomeExchange.com Inc.

Contact: Post Office Box 787, Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Phone: 310-798-3864
Toll Free: 800-877-8723