Home Swapping


If you have a passion for extraordinary travel adventures and the desire to explore other cultures and experience new ways of life cost-effectively, home swapping is the best option for you! Instead of staying in hotels and being treated like a “foreigner” or a “tourist”, you can relish the comfort of staying in homes and experience living the life of a local.

Besides being easy on your wallet, home swapping offers you a unique experience of a place that “feels” completely like your own home. As a vacationing idea, Home Swapping offers the most practical and exciting way to enjoy your time with your family. You can acquaint yourself to a completely new habitat and make new friends with your exchange partners. At the same time, you can come across different cross-cultures and experience their unique lifestyles by actually staying at their homes.

What types of accommodations will you find on exchange?

The types of accommodation commonly offered at most of the home swap websites are:

  • Houses
  • Flats or apartments of various sizes
  • Condos
  • Cottages
  • Villas
  • Luxury mansions

Some home swap travelers even exchange Recreational Vehicles (RVs) and yachts!

However, remember, most people have modest homes. You need to understand that most people who want to swap their homes are not looking for mansions! And since people won’t have to pay for your home while they stay there, they will view whatever accommodation you are able to offer as a bargain as long as it’s clean and comfortable and conveniently located (to whatever it is that your visitors will want to do). Also, most people will only want to spend nights at your home, so whether it is a designer home with a swimming pool or a budget apartment with basic amenities, you will always find people who will appreciate being able to stay in your home.

Typically, home swaps arrangements are for 1 to 4 weeks. Exchanging cars as part of the deal is an option you can consider. Weekend home swaps in nearby locations are also very popular.

Exchange your Car through your Home Swapping Deal

It is definitely a plus if you and your exchange partner are able to use each other’s vehicles while on holiday. Traveling by public transport involves a lot of hassles, and you may not find a rental car the very first day you arrive at your destination. Exchanging cars allows both of you to save even more money.

However, you do need to clarify with your insurance agent whether it’s okay to exchange your car with a stranger even it is for a few days only! If you decide to exchange cars, you need to have a written agreement that includes clauses on maintenance, daily care and how many miles you will allow your car to be driven. Please remember that in the home swapping communities, it is not mandatory to exchange cars along with your home. The choice is completely yours whether you want to exchange your car or not. If you do not want to go in for “car swapping”, you need to find someone at your place of choice who only wants a home, not a car with it.