Travel Insurance Coverage during Cancellations


Trip cancelation/Interruption Insurance

Trip cancelation/Interruption Insurance comes in handy when you need to cancel or interrupt your trip due to unforeseen events. In general, this insurance covers injury, illness or death of the insured or any member of the insured’s immediate family.

Some insurance policies may also compensate for cancelation in the event of injury, illness or death of the insured’s travel companion.

Most trip cancelation/interruption Insurance policies do not provide coverage for war, natural disasters, terrorism and bankruptcy of tour companies. Some policies may also exclude providing insurance to places that are prone to political disturbances.

These days many travel insurance policies might provide coverage if your tour operator defaults. But if you buy the insurance policy directly from a tour operator or a travel company, it might not cover the default of that tour operator or travel company
Annual insurance


Probably a good option for those Americans who travelers frequently, the Annual insurance policies are expected to begin next year. According to policy makers, these policies will exclude reimbursement for trip interruptions or cancelations. The annual premium will be about $150, and will provide coverage in case of loss of life or limb while traveling, as well as offer minimum re-imbursement for loss of baggage and cover cost of treatment incase you fall sick or get injured in places that are least 100 miles from home. The most important coverage that is included in annual insurance is the medical evacuation coverage. You would agree, often such evacuation services can be extremely exorbitant, and while this policy may not offer you 100% coverage, it will re-imburse up to $50,000.