6 Must-Knows of Travel Insurance


Before setting out on a vacation, just as you check if you’ve forgotten to carry your digital camera, decide what clothes you’re going to wear or what pair of slippers will go best with what dress, there are a few things you need to take into consideration to ensure your trip is hassle-free. Take a look at our 6 “Must-Knows” about travel insurance listed below:

1.Do you need long-term medical insurance for your upcoming trip?

Statistics suggest that most Americans get their medical insurance done before going on a trip. So if you haven’t purchased any medical insurance yet, it would be a good idea for you to get one now.
2.Do you need emergency travel medical insurance?

You may have medical coverage at home but your health plan may not cover you for your overseas travel. Most of the health insurance plans and health maintenance organizations (HMOs) in the US have their own emergency care while traveling abroad. You should check with your existing HMO prior to purchasing an emergency travel medical insurance.


3.What is Medical Evacuation insurance (Medevac)?

If you fall sick on your trip and are unable to return home (or get hospitalized), or are injured on a scheduled commercial passenger flight, Medevac insurance takes cares of you. Medevac insurance or Medical Evacuation Insurance covers the cost of an air ambulance, attending physician and nurse etc. In some situations, such as a helicopter rescue, Medical evacuations can cost thousands of dollars. If you’re going on “adventure” travel or to a remote place with limited medical resources, it would be a good idea for you to get this coverage.