Health Insurance Coverage During Travel


Are you going on a long trip to celebrate your retirement? Have you checked your baggage to make sure you aren’t forgetting anything? If you are a discerning traveler, we’re sure you haven’t forgotten your health insurance coverage during travel; and if you don’t have one yet, well, you can always get it now! All you need to do is get in touch with a good agent and get yourself a health insurance plan that offers you extensive coverage, fits your travel needs and can be bought at a competitive price.

Recent studies indicate that travel insurance sales have tripled in the US post 9/11. In 2006, nearly a third of Americans insured their vacations.

“But do I really need health insurance coverage during travel?”

Are you wondering why would you need to buy special travel insurance for an upcoming trip? The answer is simple-by purchasing travel insurance, you are not just protecting your investment but also safeguarding yourself and your family against any potential mishaps.
Most travelers would agree that insurance adds security and prepares them better for the “unforeseen” events that may impact their plans. For example, if you suffer injury in a car crash, lose your baggage on a vacation, need to cancel your trip due to some reason or end up missing your connecting flight due to an en-route delay, your regular insurance policies may not be able to provide you a coverage in these situations.


It is true that there are many cruise lines that offer travel insurance and certain credit cards cover baggage protection and flight travel insurance. But these policies are often limited and you don’t get protection from many serious risks.


Incase you already have a medical insurance policy, check to see if covers medical emergencies overseas.


If not, this is where travel health insurance coverage is needed.