Plan your Escorted Tours


Traveling has become an important part of the American life style, and the industry has experienced a tremendous growth over the last decade. The senior citizen market segment today contributes significantly towards this growth. To enjoy your holiday to its fullest you need to plan your escorted tours carefully.

The first thing you need to work out before you decide on a tour plan for yourself is your budget for the tour.

Travel agencies which arrange escorted tours around the world offer numerous discount deals and package tours almost all year round. You can consult a good travel agency for help to plan your escorted tours. These travel agencies negotiate with hotels and transportation agents for the best deals and pass on the savings to you! You are unlikely
to beat them in cost when it comes to hotel bookings and renting cars for sightseeing. Just keep an eye on these deals and you might end up getting a huge discount on an escorted tour to your favorite destination! In most cases, you will end up saving at least 40 percent on your travel this way!

Also, remember that with escorted tours you get to stay about 2 days in one location. So when you plan your escorted tours, you need to choose your travel itinerary and transportation options carefully with the help of your travel agent to make sure you get all the fun you can have without overstressing yourself.

If you have special dietary needs then let your travel agent know in advance so that they can make the necessary arrangements.

Plan your budget in advance and get hold of a good travel agent; but make sure you have your travel insurance ready, so that you don’t have to worry about things like last-minute cancellations or changes in the journey. And of course, remember things like credit cards, ATM cards, Passport & Visas and prepaid telephone cards. And remember to pack a medical kit as well.

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A word before you hit the road


  • Look for an operator’s membership in the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA), before finalizing your deal.
  • Know what exactly you want and define your limits before you begin getting quotes from the agencies.
  • Read through the fine print, and clarify any issues that you have regarding the obvious “asterisks.”