Popular Cruise Destinations for Seniors


Cruises“- the very word suggests a sense of freedom, bringing along exotic fragrance of the deep blue sea and whisperings from the distant lands. Think of exploring those lands beyond the horizon that once beckoned you– they are still awaiting you with their arms wide open! Sail the high seas and set out to discover a whole new world full of possibilities.

When it comes to popular cruise destinations for seniors, these are some of the all time favorites:

  • Sunny Caribbean and Hawaiian hotspots
  • Silvery sea of the Bahamas and Bermuda
  • The magical Singapore
  • Indian coastline starting from Mumbai
  • Azure waters of the Mediterranean
  • Spectacular region of glaciers and icebergs around Alaska


Cruises actually can be an economical vacation, taking you to exotic destinations while dining on exquisite foods and meeting new friends. Consider that cruises start for less than USD $100 per person per day. They provide luxury transportation, epicurean foods, entertainment, and lodging all within that price, usually. Every cruise package has its own set of “special offers.”

For detailed information on destinations and routes, you could visit “Cruises.AffordableTours.Com.”

But wait, why are we talking about what’s there for you ashore at exotic locations, when there’s so much that awaits you on board! Cruising is not all about plain sailing; it’s a whole new level of luxury incarnate. And when it comes to baby boomer travelers like you, it gets all the more adventurous and spicier.

From the finest accommodations to exquisite dining, you get to indulge yourself in a fantasy world. Enjoying a cruise is not just for baby boomers but it is for any traveler who loves to travel and who does not suffer from sea-sickness.
Come aboard, where boredom is a strict “no-no!”

Take a look at what precisely awaits to pamper you on board!

  • Uncork the fun with a host of fun activities on the cruises like wine tasting, attending an art auction, shopping at the ship’s shops, nightly live shows, gambling, or doing a tango at a masquerade! Remember, “Sixty is the new Forty!”
  • For a while, brush aside those diets and indulge in the mouthwatering delicacies served on the cruise liner. Treat yourself to a baked Alaska! Are you getting nervous at the thought of your “grim faced” doctor? Never mind. Most luxury ships serve low-carbohydrate, salt-free, Kosher or other specially contrived diets; you just need to inform your CLIA (Cruise Line International Association) affiliated travel agent about it in advance.
  • Step into any shipboard yoga or aerobics class, cookery class, computer seminar, language lesson, pottery-making session or salsa lesson, and see how enriching and exciting the whole experience turns out to be!

Wondering how to go about whole thing? Don’t worry. Just keep the wanderlust in you alive and leave the rest to your tour operator. Planning “cruises” is not all that easy in the sense that each cruise ship is like a small city at sea, and it can take some planning to “create” a good trip. So, all you need is a bit of homework, a good travel agent, and you are done!