Companies Offering Senior Travel Deals in the US


List Of Travel Company:


For your convenience, the list below shows the names of some of the companies offering senior travel deals in the US along with Destinations covered and Contact Information as well:


Name of the Travel Company What they do Destinations Covered Contact Information
Grand Circle Travel, Inc
  • Oldest company in the US offering Travel related solutions to seniors.
  • Specializes in extended-stay vacations during off-season months at affordable rates.
Malta, and the Amalfi coast, Portugal and Madeira. Grand Circle Travel, Inc.,
347 Congress St,
Boston, MA 02210
Phone 800-959-0405
YMT (Your Man Tours) Vacations, Inc.
  • Has been in business for nearly 40 years.
  • Offers a mix of travel and land tours.
  • Considered the most customer-friendly agency.
Tours to Alaska and Hawaii are most popular. 8831 Aviation Boulevard,
Inglewood, CA 90301,
Phone 800-922-9000
  • A non-profit organization, extremely popular among seniors in the US
  • Allows seniors to take various courses at reasonable prices.
Seniors can visit almost 2,000 educational institutions within the U.S. and abroad 11 Avenue de Lafayette,
Boston, MA 02111
Phone 877-426-8056
Saga Holidays British owned; Largest travel company of the four Over 250,000 seniors are sent on vacation each year; Offers motor coach tours by in the US, Mexico, the Far East, and in South America. Department W Saga International Holidays, 1161 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215 Phone 617/262-2262 or toll free 800/343-0273 outside Massachusetts