Popular Trends in Adventure Travel



Adventure travel offers something new, exotic, physically or emotionally challenging, yet fulfilling. As an increasing number of elder citizens leave home in the spirit of adventure, the following trends have been observed:

Expeditionary Trips:

People with a passion for conservation and environmental safety accompany international organizations such as ‘Earthwatch’ on their research mission. You could be watching giant sea turtles laying their eggs in the southwestern coastal areas of the US, Mexico and Costa Rica, or examining the coral reefs of a lesser known island in Bahamas.

Charity Vacations:

If your idea of a vacation is biking across Thailand to create awareness and collect donations for charity organizations, then this is the kind of travel for you. You will enjoy the rare experience of becoming familiar with the exotic landscapes and people of a different country, while serving the cause of charity.

Volunteer Vacations:

Baby boomers, along with their children, are undertaking vacations with a voluntary mission to less-developed countries like Ghana, Kenya, and Somalia.
Friends Getaways:

Vacations with friends of the same sex, especially among women, are a rising trend. The demographic statistics of adventure travelers shows a leaning towards women. A survey conducted by ATTA in 2006 shows that most of these women travelers are from 40 to 60 years old and make up for more than 50% of adventure travelers. And this slice of travelers is more than just fit; they are into activities as varied as kayaking, surfing, and mountain climbing.

Family Adventure Excursions:

These vacations are for those who are looking for a learning experience involving nature. As more families are abandoning theme parks in search of a natural environment which gives them quality time to bond together, houseboat rentals, ranch rentals, horse pack trips, white water rafting and trail rides are becoming popular choices. It seems just the kind of vacation for a multi-generation family.

Theme Based Tours:

Ever thought of combining wine tasting with yoga? Such theme-based vacations are all the rage. Other popular packages include culinary tours in Asia or wine-tasting vacations in France, Australia, Chile, Israel, and California.

Cruising Vacations:

These cruises are more about what is seen off the ship than the onboard glitz and entertainment of the big-ship cruises. Expeditions may be arranged to the islands of Galapagos, Alaska, Antarctica, and other exciting destinations.


Know-Your-Roots Vacations:

The trend of DNA testing to find out one’s roots has gone a step further. People are packing their bags and setting of to the land of their ancestors. This journey, sometimes across continents, restores a sense of heritage.