Popular Destinations for Adventure Travel


How far do you want your quest for adventure to take you? As far as Mongolia or Antarctica, or nearer to your home? Adventure vacation packages may offer anything from a simple walking tour to an adrenalin-pumping white water rafting experience. This has led industry experts to classify various types of adventure travel as either ‘soft’ or ‘hard’, or in other words, ‘gentle’ or ‘demanding’. Here are a few worldwide destinations popular among adventure travelers:


  • Florida
  • California
  • Pacific Coast
  • TransAmerica Trail
  • Northern Rockies
    • California and Mexico
    • Alaska


  • Canadian Rockies
  • British Columbia
  • Baffin Island
  • Labrador Coast
  • Newfoundland


Nova Scotia Central and South America

  • Amazon region
  • Ecuador
  • Costa Rica
  • Patagonian region
  • Mayan civilization trail through Mexico, Guatemala, Belize and Honduras



  • Australian East Coast (Great Barrier Reef, Fraser Island, Cairns)
  • Australian Outback (national parks, aboriginal culture, wildlife)


New Zealand

  • Auckland and the Hauraki Gulf
  • Wellington
  • Waitomo and Nikau caving sites
  • Southern Alps and Tasman Glacier
  • North Island
  • Queenstown



  • East Africa – Kenya, Tanzania
  • Ghana
  • Ethiopia
  • Libya
  • South Africa
  • Madagascar
  • Malawi
  • Mauritius
  • Morocco



  • India
  • Nepal
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Mongolia
  • China
  • Vietnam



  • Swiss Alps
  • Spain
  • France
  • Vienna
  • Iceland
  • Ireland

The options of Adventure travel across various continents are mind-boggling.