Adventure Travel for Seniors in the US


There is no time like now to feel the crisp mountain air, taste the salty sea spray, navigate past swirling rapids, and trek through dense forest canopies. With more and more seniors in the US taking up adventure travel as their newest post-retirement hobby, adventure travel is emerging as the new “in” thing in leisure travel, and the options are many and varied. The destinations could be as far as your imagination takes you – exotic foreign locales, or your very own backyard – the US.

Age is no bar for Adventure Travel

You’ll be surprised. Recent surveys by the University of Purdue show that it is the aging baby boomer generation that is ready to kick up its heels and try the best of fun and adventure. Adventure vacations are not all about bungee jumping or sky diving, though such forms are quite popular even among age groups above 40. You know you are fit for adventure travel, if you:

  • Want to be involved in activities on a vacation
  • Consider luxurious amenities on your vacation to be of least priority
  • Are content with fundamental accommodation like tents or lodging
  • Are thrilled at the prospect of exploring unknown territories and cultures, and uncovering older civilizations

If these prospects appeal to you, you need to decide which type of adventure travel would best satisfy your taste for adventure.