Popular Education Travel Destinations in the US


Now that you’ve agreed to indulge in some “education” along with your travel, we’re ready to take your excitement to the next level! Listed below are some of the popular education travel destinations in the US and the activities or programs you can undertake if you decide to include them in your itinerary:

Crow Canyon Archaeological Center

Location: Cortez, Colorado

The Pueblo Indians lived in the Canyons area more than 700 years ago. Today, the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center dedicates itself to preserve and teach their rich history to the world. Crow Canyon is one of the most well preserved archaeological sites in the world. If you are interested in archaeological adventures, you can participate in various research programs and make extensive discoveries in the fields and laboratories, enriching your understanding of the ancient culture that existed.

The center offers various campus-based programs, which are essentially educational in nature and are developed in consultations with American Indians. This will be a unique experience for you and will provide a better insight into the culture of the Pueblo Indians. The center is a non- profit organization and offers educational tours for travelers throughout the world. Fees are typically around $725 and include one week of tuition, meals and shared accommodation. You can choose from the following programs and enroll yourself for the one that interests you most:

  • Summer Camps
  • Day Tour
  • Excavation and Lab
  • School Groups