Eco Tourism in North and Central America


The desire to travel all over the planet without having a negative effect on it has grown quickly over the last several years. Tourists of all ages are looking for vacation options that allow them to see everything they wish to and remain considerate of the environment while boosting the local economy. Eco tours in North and Central America are about more than staying in hotels with solar power, they are a way to feast your eyes on natural beauty while helping native cultures develop commercially.
Regardless of your interests, deciding on an eco tour in North or Central America almost leaves you spoiled for choice. Stretching from the arctic climate in Alaska to the rain forests of Panama, the region offers every type of landscape imaginable. This diversity makes for tremendous opportunities to see beautiful sights and an extensive variety of local wildlife, from the majestic moose to colorful tropical fishes.
It can be difficult to determine whether a business truly fits into the sustainable mold, so it’s best to do your research ahead of time. Private organizations, like Green Globe, and government agencies have set up evaluation processes to determine the environmental impact of everything from hotels to tourist attractions. In more progressive areas, such as northern California, it is possible to find local watchdogs where state tourism departments are unable to keep up.
A visit to the sub-Arctic or Arctic is something very few tourists choose to undertake, but the views are worth it. With stunning lakes alongside snow-covered mountains and massive caribou migrations, journeys into Canada’s bush might be considered the start of ecotourism in the region. The severe environment has always required travelers to be conscious of how they use it, as even slight changes could have profound effects on vast numbers of wildlife for years or even decades. If you would like to see animals in their natural habitat, you’ll be able to witness the movements of grey wolfpacks and musk oxen herds or bald eagles swooping down on unsuspecting prey. And, if you are willing to stick out some cold nights, you can camp under the stars and witness the luminescent splendor of the Northern Lights.
The greatest asset of many Central American countries is the proximity of lush jungles near stunning beaches and sparkling waters. In this way, your ability to experience very different ecosystems within a small timeframe is magnified. In Belize, for example, you might hike through a mountain rain forest one day and scuba dive around the world’s third largest barrier reef the next. Walk a forest trail being serenaded by howler monkeys on the way to ancient Mayan ruins at Tikal, then schedule a boat ride to Ambergris Caye for a look at the amazing aquatic life flourishing around the massive coral wall.
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