Educational Travel after Retirement


Did you have a hard time making your grandchild agree to go to the summer school this vacation? Why not trade places this time instead? Sounds interesting? Well, it actually is!

The concept of educational travel after retirement is becoming increasingly popular in the US and it is your turn to indulge in some “learning” as you head off to your favorite destinations, either by yourself or with your friends or spouse. There is no doubt you are going to find it as exciting as your schooldays, only this time there won’t be any exams! Yes, it’s all about fun-learning this time, where the whole of the world is your classroom and every aspect of Nature is your teacher!

Educational travel is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and enriching after-retirement activities you can think of. No wonder the baby boomer generation is drawn towards it. Today, American universities and museums are organizing more learning-oriented trips than ever, as are boutique tour operators and even the mainstream travel industry.

Still wondering if you’re cut out for this unique travel concept? Take a look at this-

According to a survey conducted by the US Travel Industry Association in 2007, 56% travelers confided that they were interested in taking an educational trip-a sharp 22% increase in the number compared with 5 years earlier. Moreover, most of these travelers are in the 55-plus age group. Here’s another piece of information that you may find interesting- when the Educational Travel Conference kicked off some 18 years ago, only a mere 15 to 20 institutions came forward to arrange educational trips. In 2006, the number went up and there were 140 of institutions participating in the convention; in 2007, the number swelled further to 200.

After discussing their experiences of these educational trips, what emerged was that most senior participants liked the education sessions more than the sightseeing and other recreations.