Popular Educational Travel Activities in the US


Once you decide to go for Educational travel after retirement, as a part of this concept you can participate in many fun activities. For example, you can take part in discussions on interesting topics like:

  • American Music Masters
  • American Icons
  • Women in the Media
  • People and Cultures of the Colorado Plateau
  • Grand Canyon Geology
  • The Mystic Middle East
  • Religion and Philosophy
  • Music
  • Art History
  • Musical Traditions of the Celtic World
  • Antiques and Collectables
  • Ancient Indian Mound Builders of Wisconsin

The one thing you will need to remember before opting for any of the educational travel activities in the US is, even though most educational tour operators customize these trips to suit your age and preferences, you will have to be a ‘traveler’ first and not just a ‘tourist’ to be a part of these educational trips! In order to get the best of an educational experience, remember to keep yourself focused on “human experiences” rather than just the “best things around;” you also need to have the patience and flexibility to adapt to the cultural and social changes around.