Eco Travel


Now is the time…

When was the last time you had the opportunity to take a break from your daily schedule? Somehow, a deadline, a meeting, or a project at work must have made you put your vacation on hold. A break or retirement offers you the unique opportunity to not only plan your dream vacation but also make it happen! Eco travel or green travel could be the perfect way to celebrate this hard earned independence while respecting-or even helping-the environment!

What do we mean by eco travel?

Also known as green travel and Ecotourism, Eco travel is for people who are conscious of being environmentally responsible while on vacation. The idea is to promote a tourist destination without disturbing either the local environment or local communities. The concept of eco travel or green travel is related to the idea of sustainable travel, which promotes the development of certain cultures or areas. A major source of funds is travel agencies and tourists. You get to enjoy a vacation and at the same time get to do your bit for the Earth.

Often, eco tourism is the only viable alternative for a country or region to become economically successful without relying on practices that may harm the eco-system. This form of socially responsible travel is a great way to get close to nature, and de-stress. If you are wondering whether a middle-aged or a senior citizen would be able to opt for eco travel, the answer is “Yes!” Travel agencies worldwide have special arrangements exclusively for senior citizens and they ensure that all travelers make the most of these tours.


A few questions you may want to answer, before you plan an eco travel tour: