Eco Tourism in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bhutan


Eco Tourism in Pakistan

The gateway to Western and Central Asia, Pakistan, though not an eco tourism hub, offers considerable touring options for the nature lover. The narrow valley of Chitral in the northwestern corner of Pakistan is inhabited by some quarter of a million people residing in quaint villages comprising square stone houses built amid small terraced fields of wheat and maize. Heavy snowfall cuts the valley off from the rest of Pakistan from December to May, but in summer, Chitral comes to life and serves an ideal destination for trekking, river rafting and several other activities. You can’t but marvel at the pristine natural beauty of the region, with stark contrast between its picturesque green terraced fields, the barren brown slopes and the mighty snow-clad peaks above.

The leading eco-tourism locations in Pakistan comprise:

  • Kashmir
  • Silk Road

Eco-Tourism in Sri Lanka

The emerald isle in the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a tourist’s paradise. High mountains, wonderful pristine beaches, deep rivers, majestic waterfalls, corals, an abundant wildlife and one of South Asia’s most beautiful virgin tropical rain forests – Sri Lanka has it all. Volunteer to make a difference for Sri Lanka Tourism by opting for an eco tour to the island nation.

The ideal destination for eco tourism, Sri Lanka offers options galore for the responsible traveler — ranging from nature and adventure trekking, to caving, mountain biking, wildlife safaris kayaking/canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, turtle watching, water skiing, whale and dolphin watching, whitewater rafting, windsurfing and island and deep sea fishing.

Among the most popular eco tourism destinations in Sri Lanka are:

  • Sigiriya
  • Buttala
  • Dambana
  • Kalu Ganga
  • Sinharaja rainforest

Eco Tourism in Bhutan

Nestled in the heart of the Greater Himalayas, Bhutan is an ecological wonder that has hardly been touched by the hands of time. With more than 72% of its land area still under forest cover and an immense variety of rare plant and wildlife species — including 770 species of birds and more than 50 species of rhododendrons – Bhutan is a nature lover’s dream. This spiritual land boasts of a pristine environment, some stunning scenery, warm and friendly people and a unique culture. For the adventurous at heart, Bhutan offers more than a dozen trekking routes through its sub-tropical foothills in the south, the temperate zones, and the dizzying heights of over 7,300 m. The dense forests of the land are home to numerous rare and endangered wildlife species like the blue sheep, the snow leopard, the Himalayan black bear, the golden langur, the takin, and the tiger. On eco tours in Bhutan, you can enjoy several adventure activities like trekking, bicycling tours, bird watching, white water rafting and kayaking. The leading eco-tourism locations in Bhutan include:

  • Paro
  • Thimphu
  • Jigme National Park
  • Trongsa
  • Bumthang
  • Mongar and Lhuntse

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