Eco-Tourism in Japan and Korea


Eco Tourism in Japan


Earth friendly vacations is catching on in Japan too! Many responsible travelers from the Western world are keen to depart from the typical Japanese vacation, which mainly involves savoring gourmet food or shopping for distinguished brands.

Among the most popular regions that serve as eco tour destinations in Japan is Tsuji Island in Kumamoto Prefecture on the island of Kyushu, which offers exciting dolphin- and whale-watching tours. Another equally stimulating option for you while on eco-travel in Japan is Yakushima, an island off Kyushu that offers myriad activities to enjoy nature’s best including canyoning, forest walks, and snorkeling. These eco tours are different from typical outdoor activities in that the mountain walks are five-hour hikes conducted by expert guides who’ll brief you every detail about the ecology of virgin forests.
You can also embark on island walks on Iriomote — Japan’s westernmost point, with guides narrating explanations of the island’s history and its various natural features especially mangrove trees. The tour operators take strict measures here to protect Iriomote’s environment. For example, everything that you take to the island must be packed out, including leftover noodle soup and human waste!

The leading eco-holiday locations in Japan are:

  • Kyushu
  • Yakushima Island
  • Iriomote Island
  • Kyoto

Eco Tourism in Korea

An unspoiled countryside, the most magnificent mountains and rivers and nineteen national parks make Korea a dream destination for eco tourists in Asia. Jeju island, one of the top honeymoon destinations in Korea is the perfect getaway destination on an ecotour in Korea. Very similar to the Hawaiian Islands in the US, Jeju is shrouded in mystery, culture and tradition, and offers numerous natural wonders, ranging from lush subtropical forests, lava caves of various shapes, sizes and lengths, sandy beaches, to spectacular craters. The grand Halla Mountain rising from the middle of the island also makes for an outstanding spectacle.

Among other favorite activities of eco tourists in Korea is birdwatching. South Korea is a happy hunting ground of flocks of waterfowl in winter, migrant shorebirds in spring, and thrushes and warblers in summer. You’ll get plenty of birdwatching options in the cities of Pusan or Seoul, or even at least within one or two hours’ drive. The leading eco-holiday locations in Korea include:

  • Jeju Island
  • Pusan
  • Seoul