Eco-Tourism in East Asia – China


Eco Tourism in East Asia

Generally thought to consist of China, Japan, Korea and Taiwan, East Asia may also include Mongolia and Vietnam. Some of the major characteristics prevalent across this region include shared Chinese-derived languages, a shared social and moral philosophy and a shared religion, mainly Buddhism.

Eco Tourism in China

Although ecotourism is yet to get a strong foothold in China, the country attracts international tourists in hordes, most of them pouring in to explore panda country, go trekking in Tibet or biking in the interiors of Mongolia.
One of the premier natural wonders that you can explore while on a green tour to China is Lashihai Watershed, situated along the southeastern slopes of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (5500 m). The highlands of this watershed reach to over 3800 m, and support a varied range of plant and animal species. The nature reserve between Lashihai and Wenhai are the breeding grounds of the Asiatic black bear and over 15 rhododendron species. The Lashi Lake provides refuge to over 57 species of migratory birds, and the Naxi villages surrounding this lake are ideal places for you to explore their traditional cultural heritage and at the same time enjoy a unique oneness with nature.

The Meilixueshan mountain range above the Mekong River on the Yunnan-Tibet border is yet another integral part of ecotourism in China. Showcasing extraordinary topographic extremes ranging from arid canyons to snow-capped mountains, Meilixueshan possesses very high levels of botanical endemism and diversity and is home to numerous wildlife species including red pandas, wolves, musk deer, Asiatic black bears and the elusive snow leopard.

On the slopes of Kawagebo, Mingyong Glacier extends to 2,640 meters elevation and is regarded as the lowest elevation glacier in China.

Among other ecotourism attractions in China are breathtaking views of the Kawagebo peak, the Mingyong Glacier and other glaciers and waterfalls along a Tibetan pilgrimage route, Treks through primary forest and traditional Tibetan villages, and Tibetan cultural and religious heritage. The leading eco holiday locations in China are:

  • Sichuan
  • Yunnan
  • Great Wall
  • Silk Road
  • Terracotta Warriors