Eco tourism destination in Africa: Zambia



Experience the ‘real Africa’ in Zambia, the land of the Victoria Falls and several other magnificent waterfalls, amazing wildlife, enchanting safaris, great adventures, rich culture and friendly people. Home to the largest conservation areas in Africa, with massive herds of game, Zambia is a truly African safari destination.

Zambia’s South Luangwa Valley National Park is one of the premier game reserves in Africa, with an extraordinary diversity of wildlife including elephants, buffalo, hippos and lions. The lush riverine vegetation in this valley also offers fantastic birdwatching opportunities.

Take a South Luangwa safari holiday any time of the year – while you’ll experience the dry African bush and the highest wildlife concentration in winter, the summer months bring a lush greenness to the reserve. Witness the smoke that thunders, as you watch almost one and half kilometers of water pour over the Victoria Falls — the world’s largest sheet of falling water. So, come to Zambia after your retirement and experience the beauty of this eco tourism destination in Africa.