Other Ecotourism destinations in Africa

The eco-tourism destinations in Africa are a great place to go for an adventure holiday. Places like the Congo Basin, Kenya and Egypt account for the most popular destinations for a holiday. However, there are several other Eco tourism destinations in Africa that are equally attractive and known for their scenic beauty. Given below are some of the other places that one can visit.


Presenting a kaleidoscope of varied landscapes, cultures, and colors, Angola offers numerous options for a green vacation in Africa, with its mountains, vast open plains, extensive sandy beaches and thick tropical rainforests. These give Angola an excellent potential for tourism and also prospects for the economic growth of the local communities.


A green tour to Comoros islands can be one of the biggest surprises on your African eco tour. Grande Comoro, the largest and youngest of the Comoros Islands is the perfect place to start on your tour. The major highlight of Grande Comoro is Mt Karthala (2361m) – an active volcano that has erupted many times since the 19th century. Mohéli, the smallest and wildest of Comoros islands is renowned for coral reefs and craggy offshore islets. The Parc Marin de Mohéli, the only national park in Mohéli, protects an aquatic population comprising different kinds of dolphins, whales and sea turtles. Ethiopia

A country endowed with amazing scenic beauty, Ethiopia also rides high on the eco tourism buzz. From the great monuments of Aksum in northern Ethiopia to the monolithic churches of Lalibela and the island monasteries of Lake Tana, tourist attractions in Ethiopia are immense and varied. In recent years, responsible tourists from the US and other corners of the globe are increasingly visiting areas of major environmental interest in Ethiopia like the Omo valley and other parts of the southwest, the Semyen Mountains, the Bale Mountains and the Rift Valley lakes.


Home to some of the most fascinating ancient sites, the amazing country of Libya also flaunts extraordinary desert landscapes and a truly hospitable and welcoming local populace, making for the ideal setting for an eco holiday in Africa. Take an adventure or activity holiday in Libya and explore every corner of this incredible land, from the Roman ruins to the Sahara — the largest desert in the world. Marvel at the ancient Roman wonders of Leptis Magna and Sabratha, take a camel safari across the Sahara, travel through the spectacular Obari Sand Sea and the Akakus Mountains to witness some of the world’s best preserved rock art.


Boasting an immensely varied landscape with mountains stretching from the Rif, through the Middle Atlas and on to the over-4000km-tall High Atlas, Morocco is the perfect destination for a green holiday. From Marrakech to the Atlas Mountains, and the Sahara desert to Dades valley, there are attractions galore in Morocco for the nature lover. Trek along quiet mountain trails amid villages; embark on camel safaris to visit the sand dunes; enjoy traditional “riad” and “kasbah” style accommodation to experience real Morocco while on Morocco eco tour.


One of Africa’s unspoiled jewels, Mozambique is wild, beautiful and undeveloped. A spectacular coastline, world-class diving opportunities, numerous historical sites and a varied landscape combine to make Mozambique a coveted destination of eco tourists in Africa. From Ponto D’Ouro in the south to Pemba in the north, Mozambique offers extensive coral reefs, great watersports, and dolphin and whale encounters in the several Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). Travel to Bazaruto Island, in the heart of the Bazaruto archipelago, and enjoy a relaxed vacation and its white sandy beaches, the turquoise sea and rainbow colored fish. Sail on a dhow along the azure waters of the Mozambique Channel to explore the exotic wilderness of Quirimbas National Park.


An archipelago of 115 islands lying 1600 km off Africa’s east coast, the Seychelles is popularly known as the “Galapagos of the Indian Ocean”. Home to two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and innumerable natural treasures ranging from virgin beaches to lush mountains, extensive coral reefs and excellent diving opportunities, Seychelles is a hot-spot of African eco tourism. Most popular among tourist attractions in the Seychelles islands is the charming and quaint La Digue, which is famous for its Creole architecture, its vanilla, and its scintillating, secluded beaches. Mahe, the largest of the islands, has lush mountains and several beaches, which serve as the ideal starting point on a Seychelles eco tour.


Renowned primarily for its golden beaches, Tunisia, situated on the Mediterranean coast of northern Africa, offers incredible opportunities for eco travelers. From the isolated Berber villages to the ancient medina of Kairouan, there are tourist attractions aplenty in this sunny Mediterranean land. Travel deep into the heart of the Sahara for a real desert experience of Tunisia eco tour; explore the ancient city of Carthage and other well-preserved Roman, Arab, Berber or Phoenician sites. Visit remote villages, the beautiful Iskheul National Park and the seaside resorts of Tunisia for an unforgettable vacation experience. A visit to these countries in Africa is sure to be a remarkable experience. Promoting these countries as a prime destination for eco-tourism has given a spurt to the tourism industries of these African countries.