Eco-tourism destination in Africa: Kenya


Kenya is one of the global leaders in ecotourism making it one of the main Eco tourism destinations in Africa. Its semi-arid areas, plateaus, wildlife and other attractions have made it popular among the nature lovers.


The original home of the African safari, Kenya is one of the global leaders in ecotourism. Blessed with some of richest wilderness areas in the world and some of its rarest wildlife species, Kenya offers the ultimate in nature-oriented tourism, from wilderness to coast, to mountains, forest, lakes and desert.

The semi-arid wilderness area of Laikipia Plateau in central Kenya is considered ground zero for ecotourism innovation in Africa. Discover the contrasting scenery, untamed wildlife and cultures of the Maasai savanna, the Great Rift Valley and Kikuyu Lake areas. Sustainable tourism in Kenya also gives you insights into the ways of life and cultures of the local communities.

Among the major locations to visit on an eco tour in Kenya are:

  • Maasai Mara Game Park – Home to millions of wildlife species, this reserve is famous worldwide for the world’s greatest wildlife spectacle, the annual wildebeest migration from the Serengeti.
  • Amboseli – a land crowned by the snow capped peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, Amboseli welcomes you to the majestic realm of the elephant.
  • Kenyan coast – Lined with spectacular white sand beaches lapped by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, the Kenyan coast has in store enchanting lagoons, colorful coral reefs and charming local communities for the responsible traveler.
  • Mount Kenya – The second highest peak in Africa, Mount Kenya and its hiking routes like the Naro Moru Trek, the Sirimon Route Hike and the Chogoria circumnavigation make for exciting options for the active traveler in Africa.
  • Lake Victoria – This Lake in western Kenya possesses immense potential for eco tourism, which includes fishing trips to Takawiri Island, hiking on Ramogi Hill, bird watching on Rusinga Island and cultural trips to local areas that are rich in folklore and legend.

Going for a Eco tour in Kenya is thus a good option when planning a vacation to Africa.