Eco tourism destination in Africa: Congo Basin


The area surrounding the famous River Congo is one of the most popular and preferred eco tourism destinations in Africa. The flora and fauna as well as the natural attractions are a real treat for the eyes. The prime eco tourism locales in this place are mentioned here just to show why one should come here for a nature holiday.

Congo Basin

The countries of the Congo Basin (Cameroon, Central African Republic, Gabon, Republic of Congo, DR of Congo, and Equatorial Guinea) have immense potential for ecotourism. Besides numerous natural attractions, the rich flora and fauna and diverse landscapes that these countries possess, the unexplored territories and virtual lack of aggressive tourism in natural areas make them ideal for an African eco holiday.


Prominent among the eco tourism locations in Congo Basin are:

  • Five World Heritage Sites in the DR of Congo
  • One World Heritage Site in Cameroon
  • One World Heritage Site in the Central African Republic
  • The Special Forest Reserve of Dzanga-Sangha, Dzanga-Ndoki National Park, and the Natural Reserve of Mbaere-Bodingue in the Central African Republic.
  • Twelve national parks in Cameroon, namely: Kalamaloué (elephants, crocodiles, giraffes); Waza, in the far north (giraffes, elephants, lions, ostriches and avi-fauna); Bouba Ndjida and others.
  • A wide variety of altitudes, landscapes and ecosystems in Cameroon, including forests, savannah, lakes and waterfalls
  • The Faunal Reserve of La Lopé in Gabon, which is home to numerous animal and bird species.
  • Several natural reserves in Congo, including the Lefini Reserve, the forest of Nouabalé-Ndoki, Lake Tele, and the Conkouati Reserve
  • The National Park of Odzala in central Congo, which is currently part of a regional forest conservation project

These fascinating places make your trip to these places filled with fun, excitement and adventure.