Eco tourism destination in Africa: Algeria

If you are looking for an Eco tourism destination in Africa, then Algeria can be one of the choices. The landscapes and scenic beauty of this country lures travelers from all across the globe. The reasons accounting for its popularity as a destination for eco-tourism are innumerable.


A country boasting of extensive landscapes and immense biodiversity, Algeria is a great destination for eco tourism. With a large network of National Parks, the beautiful Mediterranean coastline and the Saharan Atlas Mountains, Algeria offers an endless array of options for the nature lover in you. Tassili n’Ajjer National Park, located in southeast Algeria is one of the most popular ecotourism locations in Algeria.

Encompassing a large section of the Tassili n’ Ajjer mountain range, the park features some amazing rock arches as well as lovely woodlands. Besides enjoying adventure activities like trekking, camel safaris and horseback riding, you’ll also get options galore on Algeria eco tour to get acquainted with the isolated communities scattered throughout the country.