Active Travel


“Boy, when I retire, all I’m going to do is lie around in a hammock all day” – this is probably what you have said and thought about all these years while working your way through life, but now that you have retired or planning to retire, do you really find the concept that satisfying? The answer could be no. So what could be a great option for someone like you, who’d like to try something different, something more fun and exciting maybe? How about going for an active travel experience?

Traveling in Twilight

Whoever said you need to be an on-the-go person to sign up for an active vacation after retirement could not have been more mistaken. From adventurous whitewater rafting or historical trips to Monet’s home and Parisian museums- there is something for everyone out there!

Just that you may need to hit your nearby gym at least twice a week, or ask your yoga teacher for classes immediately.

Here are some more options to help you plan a perfect active travel vacation:

  • Fitness boot camps
  • Golf vacations
  • Horseback-riding
  • Cycling trips through the countryside
  • Hiking vacations through the Swiss Alps
  • Walking tours of various historic sites of the world
  • Museum trips

Travel Agencies


Travel experts prefer classifying adventure tourism in two categories- “soft” or “hard” (also called “gentle” or “demanding”); but don’t get caught up in these jargons. Make up your mind as to whether you would like to go kayaking, surfing, mountain climbing or would you prefer enjoying the blue ocean in an obscure island in the Bahamas.

Once you’ve made your choice, you can begin your research by browsing through websites and on-line travel agencies that will help you pick the right tour package.

Here are some of the names you might find handy


  • Eldertreks
  • Walking the World
  • 50plus Expeditions
  • SeniorsSearch
  • SeniorGlobe: Travel
  • Seniors Go Travel
  • Forty Plus Adventure

ROW International is another name that has been guiding retirees and active baby boomers in the US since 1984. From sophisticated lodge-based tours to rustic fishing trips in some idyllic villages, they offer tour packages both within the US and abroad.

Ready to Leave?

Here are some tips to help you organize your trip:

  • Confirm the legitimacy of your travel agency with associations like-American Society Of Travel Agents (ASTA) and United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA)
  • Check if they can customize your tour per your requirements
  • Find out whether your budget covers all the expenses
  • Remember to carry your travel and health insurance papers with all the other documents

A Few Words on Outdoor Safety

Find out as much as you can about the place you are traveling to Carry things like waterproof reflective survival blanket, Global Positioning System (GPS) units and mobile phones Check if your medical kit is well stocked with all the necessary drugs and first-aid supplies

For more tips on how to stay fit on the move, you can browse through the TravMed website

Be a Fit and Healthy Globe Trotter

There is nothing like traveling with an agile body and mind. To ensure this:

    • Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
    • Carry ginger pills to abate motion sickness
    • Stop and stretch every alternative hour while driving for long hours
    • Wear clothes that breathe well
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine to prevent disruption of sleeping patterns
    • Take care of your body and sleep well
    • Have at least a 15-minute’s work out session daily