Annuity Success Strategies


Super Six: Strategies for Sure Success

  • Fixed Rate Annuity: When you buy a fixed rate annuity, opt for the one that will seal in a set interest rate for the entire period. Most of the fixed annuities in the market offer a set fixed rate for the duration of the investment.
  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust: A charitable remainder annuity trust enables you to place your assets in trust. Then, for a set period of time, these trust assets get you or your beneficiary a flow of cash. The trust that continues after this is given to the charitable organization you have nominated. No estate taxes are charged.
  • Unitrust: With a Unitrust, the value of the funds you have invested in the trust varies as does the amount of income you receive from the investment.
  • Annuity Trust: If you think it can be risky to let the change in market values affect the amount you receive, you can opt for an annuity trust.
  • Split Annuities: With split annuities, you can divide your money into two accounts. You can keep aside one account for your funds to grow so that it can equal the original amount you deposited. The other annuity account can bring you a steady income.
  • Variable Immediate Annuity: A variable immediate annuity can generate good income. You receive a guaranteed income for a certain period on the fixed amount of funds you have deposited. These types of annuities credit around 3% to 5% of the cash value remaining in the annuity investment, during the time you receive income from the annuity.