Tips on Traveling with Grandkids

Traveling with grandkids can turn out to be a great breather for you and the entire family. Your kids may be too busy with their professional lives and taking your grandkids on an educational trip would give them some time to relax too. Intergeneration travel programs are in vogue now, thanks to more and more people realizing the importance of family ties. As families gets scattered around the world, distance between grandparents and grandchildren needs to be compensated by spending time together. However, before you start on a trip with your grandkids, prepare yourself well so that you can take care of the generation gap and take charge of the various situations that might crop up during the trip. Here are a few tips on traveling with grandkids.

Planning tips:

  • Be young at heart. Go back to your childhood. This will help you to decide on destinations which your grandkids would love. It is also very important to look for hotels and resorts that are kid friendly. Go for the tours that offer the most number of activities that both you and your grandkids can enjoy together.
  • Take your grandkids into consideration while planning the trip from the onset. This will make them feel important and you never know, they might surprise you with a few really helpful suggestions.
  • While planning the budgets for the trip, keep the kids informed. This would give them an idea about the costs involved and make them responsible. They should know how much they can ask from the trip.
  • Going for a test trip for a day or a weekend can be very useful in finding out whether you can cope up with the kids or not. You will also get to know each other and find out if a longer trip is viable or not.


  • Make sure the passports and other travel documents are all in order before travelling.
  • It is very important to get written legal consent from the parents of your grandkids if the kids are traveling with you alone. The documents have to be duly signed by both parents, witnessed and notarized to avoid any possible troubles at borders.

Health Tips:

  • Make sure you know all about the health of your grandkids. Their vaccines should be up to date and specific medications, if any, should be carried along with general medications. Find out if the kids are allergic to any food. Make a medical file and carry it with you for emergencies.
  • Do the above for yourself too.
  • Carry basic first aid. Make sure your tour operators offer medical facilities.
  • While on the trip, make sure the activities you undertake are not too strenuous for you or the kids.

Fun Tips:

  • Make sure you have enough fun activities spread out and mixed with learning during the trip.
  • Click a lot of pictures and ask your grandkids to make a record of the trip. Looking at the pictures and going through the records can become a very effective exercise after the trip.