Social Networking Websites for Seniors

Senior years can bring with them loneliness and depression. But being in your senior years does not necessarily mean that you should prepare to slip into a quiet goodnight.

It can actually mark the beginning of a new and interesting era in your life.

Beat Your Isolation with Social Networking

Social networking is a great way to beat your isolation and keep away from loneliness. All of us prefer to live in a community and enjoy an interesting and rewarding interaction with others. Loneliness and social isolation, which are often associated with the later years of our life, can be extremely harmful for our health, both physical as well as emotional. The internet has come up with a solution so that seniors can communicate with other seniors on the internet and overcome their seclusion. These social networking websites for seniors, that sponsor forums and chats, enable seniors keep in touch with friends and members of their family who may be living miles away. They also get to know other seniors who add to their friends lists. These websites actually promote a sense of community so that elders do not feel left out.

As we advance in years, we may not be physically as active as we were twenty years back. But that should not mean that we slip into isolation and oblivion.

Social networking websites for seniors offer us a way to keep in touch with others around us through the internet. We are still young at heart and can enjoy a good laugh as much as others so what’s keeping us from reaching out to others on the globe through the net, people who belong to the same age group as us and can understand our thoughts and appreciate our likes and dislikes unlike someone who may be decades younger than us?


Share Your Life with Others

Social networking websites are great places where we can share our pictures, share recipes, tell others about a film or a show that we enjoyed, discuss politics and other serious topics, talk about what books we read and even fall in love! We cannot discuss our medical problems or our relationships with younger people. Here is where we get to meet people of our generation with whom we can communicate more freely. Also, given that we are communicating over the net, this also gives us a sense of anonymity and privacy that we may be looking for.


Popular Social Networking Websites for Seniors

Some of the popular websites for seniors include:

  • Eons ( This is a community website that offers you the opportunity to stay in touch with your friends and also make new friends on the net. You can join a group depending on whether you fit into the group profile. You can also start a new group and communicate with like minded people. Playing games can be a great recreation as well as stimulating. Find your game of choice on Eons.
  • Tee Bee Dee ( A free community website this offers almost similar options like Eons. You can learn from others on about any subject, from sex to careers to health and finance options.
  • Elders Voice ( In addition to the above features, this website offers you the ability to upload an unlimited number of photos. You can see your friends come alive on the screen as you chat with them and can actually hear them talk to you. You can even start your own online journal and share your opinion and your diary with others. Use this website to send videos or voice e-cards to someone special.
  • Boomj ( Offering information on almost any topic that may be useful to you in your later years, from lifestyle, to movies, finance, travel, politics, this social networking websites brings you bits of news like where you can buy a brand product for less, or what is the latest in senior fashion. They also have a boomj store from where you can buy anything ranging from electronic goods and computers, to DVDs, books, pens, beauty and wellness kits, gardening tools, kitchen utensils and even office supplies. They also offer a reward point for every purchase.
  • Seniorocity ( Believing that seniors are special by virtue of their age, knowledge and experience, seniorocity is dedicated towards bringing them closer through sharing photos and videos and through groups. You can also browse through the latest or popular music files on this community website.

Besides the major social networking websites for seniors mentioned above, there are also a few other websites like Multiply, Senior-Chatroom, The Cool Grandma, Overfifties (this website also has a library where members subscribe articles, stories and poetry to share with others), My Boomer Place, Seniors Network, Senior Online Community, and Senior Center, where you can find your own community of friends.

These websites bring you closer to others who share a similar past and who are able to appreciate you and make you feel part of a community. Somewhere down the line you may find a close friend, or develop a special bond with someone which in time can bloom into an intense and happy relationship.

Life is beautiful, let’s enjoy it!