Prevent an Internet Fraud

Seniors in the US are increasingly using the internet to keep themselves busy during their retired life. Payment of bills and shopping are some of the primary activities, which you as a senior can do through the internet. However, the internet is also a high risk zone as there are many fraudulent activities taking place through them. The question that might come up in your mind now is how to prevent an internet fraud?

This is a plausible question that you need to really think about, if you want to protect yourself from fraudulent offers and e-mails. As a senior retiree you really do not want to loose all your hard earned money.

Internet fraud usually occurs in the form of credit card fraud, non-delivery of goods, internet auctions, business and investment fraud. The following points should be kept in mind in order to prevent fraud through the internet.


  • When providing credit card details, ensure that the website is a secured one.
  • If your purchasing/selling goods online, then make sure that the company or individual is a reputed one and authentic. It’s important that you do some research work before going ahead with the transaction.
  • If you happen to receive any unsolicited mails asking for your credit card details or other confidential information like social security number, then its best advised not to provide such information.
  • As a retiree you might be interested in a second career. You may receive job offers stating that no experience is required. Its better you avoid such offers.
  • Often you can come across mails making claims of earning huge amounts of profits. You should be careful about such mails.
  • Be careful when interacting with people living outside your state or country.
  • When purchasing goods online, make sure that you are fully aware of the policies related to warranty, exchange and refunds.
  • See the price of the product you are buying before making the purchase. Also note if there is any hidden charge or shipping charges.
  • Do not fall for offers that keep flooding your mail box from time to time. Most of them are dubious and better avoided.
  • Finally, in case you suspect any fraudulent activity then you should report the same to the state security agencies.

With all sorts of transactions taking place through the internet, it is necessary that you are aware of these fraud prevention measures. Or else, you might end up loosing all your money.