Create a Blog


Retired and thinking of what to do now? Well, in that case you can spend your time writing a blog. You must be wondering what a blog is and how to create a blog?

To begin with, a blog is like an online diary or journal. You get to express yourself, write about your experiences and talk about your hobbies and tastes in a blog. Blogging can be a great pastime. You can write about all that you have experienced in your life through a blog and share the same with others.

Creating a blog is not a difficult matter at all.

The following simple steps will help you create your blog:

  • Firstly, you need to create an account with any of the blogging sites. Opening an account is absolutely free:
    (a). In order to do so, click on “sign-up”.
    (b). Now, in the site that opens, enter your name and other details Choose a name for your account and a password for the same. Enter these information in the area provided.
    (c). Once done, click on the submit button and your account is automatically created.
  • Second, now that your blog account is created you can start posting. There is a section called “Dashboard”. Click on this and you will be directed to the webpage where you can post your blog. Here you will find an area where you can write the text.
  • Third, Once you have written the blog you can now post the same. There is a button called “publish”. Use your mouse and click on this button and your blog gets posted for everyone to see. You can also edit your blog later if required.

You can write a blog on different subjects like fashion, tourism, economic, politics, art, entertainment and other topics of interest. Through your blog you can get connected to different people and learn about their interests and experiences too.

Most of the social networking sites have blogging facility. MySpace, SkyRock Blog, LiveJournal, Xanga and others are some of the popular blog sites where you can create an account and start blogging.