Planning a Family Reunion

Planning a family reunion is one of the best ways to keep in touch and spend quality time with your family members. This is an ideal chance to bond with your grandchildren also. Make your family reunion special and memorable by planning ahead. You can get to know new members, renew some old relations, and celebrate as a family.

There are many questions to consider while planning a family reunion. Ask yourself when, where, and how long the reunion will be? Also plan the menu, social activities, and prepare a budget.

The following steps will help you in making your family reunion a memorable one.


  • Start off by making a list of family members, including partners, spouses, and children. Getting information for all these people will be very helpful.
  • Choosing a date when most of the family members can attend is very important. An ideal time to organize the reunion is in the summer months when there is a school vacation.
  • Deciding the place and the length of the reunion is very important. If most of your family members are clustered in one area, it’s better to organize the event there. If they are scattered, a central location can be chosen for the reunion.
  • Prepare a budget so that your costs don’t increase. You can decide how much each family member needs to contribute.
  • Reserve your reunion venue at the earliest. You can choose from venues like hotels, country clubs, and inns.
  • Contact a restaurant or caterer that can prepare food for your reunion. Choose a menu that reflects your family’s heritage.
  • To make it a special one, you can ask someone to take videos and photographs.
  • Make the event a fun event by organizing various social activities. There can be talent shows, icebreaker games, and sports. Organize activities which will be appeal to everyone. Why not buy prizes for special people like the longest distance traveled member or the oldest family member.
  • You can send initial mail to determine the interest and preferences of your loved ones. Later, you can send invitations along with directions, information, and a map