Dating Tips for Seniors

Who says dating is for the young? Just because you are a senior citizen doesn’t mean your love life has come to an end. You can still find love even after the loss of your spouse or leading a life of bachelorhood. Even if you are not marrying, you can have a special friendship. More seniors are enjoying dating than never before. For a memorable date, follow some dating tips for seniors.

Follow some of the tips for dating and enjoy a perfect evening or day out. Some of these are:


  • You should plan ahead and be creative with your dating ideas. It doesn’t need to be the traditional dinner and a movie. Instead you can go to a gallery opening or at the reception of a local artist. Enjoy a comedy at the nearest repertory company before enjoying cocktails and coffee. Both of you should plan to do what you enjoy.
  • Make a first impression by dressing appropriately. Your dress should reflect your style and behavior.
  • Always be courteous and punctual. Fix your date, time and conclude the date politely.
  • A public place is a good place to meet. Use your own transportation to arrange your meeting.
  • Both of you can split the check and pay your share. You should also have cash on hand if cards are not accepted.
  • Be honest and sincere as lies can spoil your date.
  • While dating, you should not say about your personal problems with your parents, former relations or children.
  • Dating is a two-way event involving a lot of communication and listening. You should not make the date revolve around your activities, schedule, and interests.


  • Loneliness of seniors can be taken as an advantage by people who may not be of good moral and ethics. As a result you should be aware and protect your personal information.
  • Always be safe and inform a friend or close relation with whom and where you are going on a date. Call your voicemail if you can’t reach someone. Leave detailed information about your date as it will be helpful for your safety.