Social Life


Loneliness is a reality that most of us face in our senior years. As we advance in years, our circle of associates and relatives usually grow smaller. The reason may be that they are not able to drive or are incapacitated in other ways and are dependent on others. Or they may have even passed away. Also, our children have moved out of our homes and are so busy with their work and other obligations that they are not able to devote too much time for their aging parents.

Bridging over your loneliness

What we need to bridge over our loneliness is a positive attitude towards life.

Our relationship with our spouse may have taken the form of an ordinary, uninspiring habit over the years when our obligations towards our children and our work kept us too busy. We did not get enough time to pay more attention to our relationship and towards each other. Now is the time when we can enjoy each other’s without having to bother about other commitments that eat into our time. Now is also the time to give more thoughts to our social life. An active social life can be the best palliative for loneliness and can give us that sense of importance and appreciation that we wish for.

Traveling in later years

Traveling is one of the things we can consider. While it is relaxing, you also get to make new friends during your tour. Many organizations offer group travel packages that you can opt for. If you are someone who looks for an extra something in a tour and not just sightseeing then you may consider the options offered by Elderhostel.
Doing things you love

Now that you have enough time in your hands, use that to learn new skills, or do things that you always wanted to do. Take up hobbies like chess or cards that are mentally stimulating. Join a club especially meant for seniors. Go cycling or hiking together. Enroll at the local senior center where you can meet others who belong to the same age group as you. Discuss your hobbies, books and views with them, arrange for tea parties and even picnics on a pleasant day. Attend community lectures and forums. Use the internet to make friends and to read about what other seniors are doing across the country. If socializing results in close friendship with some which grows into a dating relationship, then enjoy it!

Overcoming a loss

Loss of a spouse or divorce can be unbearable in later years. We are deeply moved if we lose a friend or even a pet. A fulfilling social life is one of the ways in which we can learn to cope with our loss and overcome our grief.


A purposeful social life gives us a perspective and is one of the ways we can improve our quality of life and maintain our emotional health.