Texas Teacher Retirement


Teachers are the educators of the society and they deserve a better life after retirement. There is a Teacher’s Retirement System in every US state for provision of benefits. This system offers the death and survivor benefits, retirement benefits, and disability benefits.

These are based on the years of employment and the income level. In order to receive the benefits one can choose to be a part of this program. This retirement system policy differs in different states. The Texas teacher retirement program has been serving Texas public education employees for more than seventy years. The TRS or Teacher’s Retirement System was formed in 1937.

The system invests in funds and delivers benefits to its members as approved by the Texas Legislature. It is a defined benefit plan where one can get retirement benefits based upon a pre-established formula. The trust fund is maintained by three sources which are contributions made by members during their employment, investment revenues and by the state.

Texas public education employees and their beneficiaries who are eligible can get death and survivor benefits, service and disability retirement. The retirement benefits are provided by contributions from state and member and employers in some cases and from investment earnings from the pension trust fund.

The program also has a health benefit program for public education employees who are eligible known as TRS-ActiveCare. This is financed by investment income and plan participant premium payments. TRS retirees and eligible dependents can avail health benefit coverage from TRS. This is known as TRS-Care which is financed by contributions from working public school employees, the state, reporting entities, investment income and plan participant’s premium payments.

Texas teacher retirement program also includes a long-term care insurance program which is optional for public school employees and eligible retirees. Certain categories of family members are eligible. It is based on an enrollee-pay-all basis. It is for eligible persons aged between 18 and 80 years including Texas public school Employees who are active and contributing members of TRS. It also includes TRS Retirees, spouses, parents and parents-in-law and grandparents who are eligible.