Teacher Retirement System


Teacher Retirement System is the organization that administers the retirement system for the teachers and helps them manage retirement planning properly. There prevails different Teacher Retirement System in U.S. for each state, which come with different offerings. Teacher Retirement System promotes long-term financial security for the teachers. It helps in arranging retirement benefits for them and their beneficiaries.

As part of the retirement program of Teacher Retirement System, participating members regularly contribute to their retirement accounts. The collected contributions are then invested in various funds. Members also get the opportunity to decide on the investment options. Disability and death benefits are also covered under Teacher Retirement System. Teacher Retirement System also guarantees the responsible distribution of the retirement benefits.

Role of Teacher Retirement System

Teacher Retirement System works towards helping teachers to manage their retirement planning properly. In order to achieve its goal, it plays a few roles, some of which can be listed as below:

  • Comprehensive Member Benefits: It offers retirement planning, benefits and health coverage in order to improve the quality of life.
  • Fiduciary Responsibility: It safeguards the financial retirement security of the members by using ethical and professional business practices.
  • Financial Performance: It facilitates the improvement of funding with the help of prudent investments and resource management.
  • Empowerment of Associates: Associates can act through the acceptance of accountability and delegation of authority.

Retirement Options

Teachers Retirement System offers a number of retirement options for the members. These again may vary from state to state. In different state, different formulas are adopted to calculate the retirement benefits. Therefore, for retirement options, you need to check the rules of the concerned Teacher Retirement System.

However, there can be two basic types of teacher retirement plans, which are followed in most of the cases:

  • Defined Contribution Plan (DC)
  • Defined Benefit Plan (DB)

Defined Contribution Plan (DC)

Here you have the option to choose your investment options, which play a major role in determining your retirement income. Retirement incomes are limited to your account value here.

Defined Benefit Plan (DB)

In Defined Benefit Plan, your retirement benefits will be calculated on the basis of the number of years of service. As there isn’t any investment risk involved, the retirement income in this plan is guaranteed. Defined Benefit plan also cover survivor and disability protection.