Retirement Villages


Retirement villages refer to the areas where seniors of 55 years of age or above mainly dwell. Villages for retirees are exclusively designed for the aged people, and here they are provided with all sorts of required assistance for better living. In addition, these villages also offer utmost care for improving the quality of life of its residents. When it comes to pick up your desired retirement village in US, options are available in plenty. All of these villages offer outstanding facilities and array of services to its residents.

Different Retirement Villages

Retirement villages are of mainly two types. The first one is resident funded and the other one is donor funded. Resident funded retirement villages are maintained on commercial basis. On the other hand, donor funded retirement villages are run by non-profit organizations and these are designated for the needy seniors. There are also several retirement villages that are also known as nursing community.

Residential Options in Retirement Villages

Retirement villages offer wide spectrum of residential options to its dwellers. And, all of them are equipped with special amenities for the maximum comfort of the seniors. The residents can pick up the option as per their taste and requirements. Some of the most common options are independent living units, serviced apartments, flexi units, villas, and apartments, etc.

Facilities of Retirement Villages

As far as facilities in the retirement villages are concerned, it is truly amazing. Each of the retirement villages comes up with array of facilities for its residents. Main aim of these retirement villages is to make the lives of the seniors contented. Most of the Retirement villages in US consist of facilities like community centre, theatre, gym, library, hairdressing salons, and healthcare services, etc.

Popular Retirement villages in US

More than a few Retirement villages are dotted all over the US, and some of them are hugely popular among the retirees. Following are some of the most popular Retirement villages in the US:

  • Adventist Retirement Village
  • Andover Retirement Village
  • Aveo Retirement Village
  • Regency Retirement Village
  • RSL Retirement Village
  • Waterford Retirement Village
  • Richmond Retirement Village