ING Retirement Plan


ING Retirement Plan helps you in preparing for your retirement. ING or Internationale Nederlanden Groep is a Dutch origin financial institution. It provides insurance, banking, and asset management services.

ING can help you make important decisions in making your retirement years a hassle free one. Before retiring, ask yourself a few questions like when you can retire?, Have you saved enough? What to do with your plan savings and how to plan for your income.

Most people retire at the normal retirement age which is based on Social Security’s definition. However, you can retire at anytime depending on your savings, benefits, and preferences. Many retire early for an incentive from their employers or if they have adequate savings. Some may even retire late, but all these options have its own pros and cons.

Estimate your needs like housing, college expenses, credit cards, travel, and hobbies. All these expenses will vary over your retirement period. Manage your plan savings by taking a lump sum, rolling over to an IRA or an annuity,

If you have already retired, get help from ING to manage and protect your savings. You can get help in :

  • managing plan assets
  • create retirement income
  • re-evaluate your investments
  • streamline your finances
  • protect your assets
  • Transfer assets to your heirs.

For managing plan assets, you can stay in a plan, take a lump sum amount, and roll to an annuity or IRA. Some suggestions by ING when creating retirement income are :

  • you can allocate assets
  • quantify fixed sources of income
  • liquidate savings
  • identifying unmet fixed assets
  • planning for later
  • Contacting a financial professional.