AIG Retirement Plan


There are a number of companies providing various types of retirement plans. AIG Retirement Plan provides a comprehensive plan for your post retirement years. AIG Retirement is a member of American International Group, Inc. AIG is an insurance corporation specializing in tax-qualified retirement plans and after-tax investments.

AIG can help you in your financial future. The comprehensive planning gives you a plan to meet your goals. It takes care of some of the important financial issues such as retirement planning, risk management and insurance, investment management, education planning, estate planning, and cash flow or budgeting.

Through the Financial 360 service you can maximize return while reducing risk. The Retirement Income Strategies is ideal if you have retired or near retirement. It examines your anticipated income in retirement and whether it is enough to meet your income needs.

The financial advisor from AIG can give you a clearer picture of your present financial status. Learn about sound financial planning concepts like investment strategies, asset allocation, and tax planning. You will get a personal plan created on software based on your information. The advisor can develop detailed financial strategies for your future needs. After the program is underway, AIG can provide you with a periodic review of your investments, financial priorities, and goals.

AIG Retirement Plan provides Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) to suit your needs such as Set Rate Annuity, Premiere 5, Premiere 7, and AIG POWER Index Annuity.