Retirement pension in Michigan


Ranking among the well known state retirement pensions in the US, the retirement pension in Michigan covers the benefits of the retirees and employees of the public sector units. There are also defined plans for teachers and public school employees.

Retirement pension in Michigan is managed by the Michigan State Retirement System. The retirement and pension benefits provided by the system are based on the average salary in the period of work and the service credits received during the work tenure. Employees and workers of the high risk departments such as policemen, firemen and others are offered more benefits under the system. Apart from the retirement and pension benefits, the system also provides retirees with health care health insurance benefits. You need to choose your suitable health care benefits as per your preferences. Counseling and advice is given by the experts of the system to guide the retirees and older adults properly.

Health care also forms an important part of retirement pension in Michigan. Public and state level employees as well as teachers are provided a number of health care benefits. To be eligible for the benefits, one has to enroll in the Michigan State Retirement System.

The Michigan State Retirement System also provides various disability benefits. If you are an active employee who works in a public school and have become partially or totally disabled, you are entitled to the benefits. One is eligible for disability benefits if:

  • He or she suffers a permanent disability and illness during work and is unable to perform the duties. In most cases, one is eligible for duty disability benefits in this case.
  • One can also qualify for a non duty disability benefit if the injury takes place outside the workplace.

To become eligible for the disability benefits, one needs to apply to the retirement system disability office and accordingly the benefits will be approved.