Retirement Facts


Retirement is an important phase of human life. It is the time when you bid adieu to your working life and enter into a life far away from your professional world. At this crucial juncture of life, every human being may need to plan for their future days. As they are in verge of a completely different phase of life, a few knowledge and understandings on retirement facts can help them to chalk out their plans better. Go through the below mentioned retirement facts and be prepared for a happy retired life.

Though many senior Americans are going for post-retirement jobs these days, however most of those are part-time in nature. In most of the time, seniors go for post-retirement jobs to keep themselves engaged in works. In some other time, they also opt for this to improve their financial condition. But retirement is the time when you keep aside your professional career to mark an end to it and look forward to a new phase of life. It is the time when you are free from any barrier, any professional commitment, and any regular duty to perform. You don’t have to go to your office, you don’t have to keep working under tremendous pressure, or you don’t have to come back to your home after a hectic day’s of work. It is the time to relax, far away from your professional commitments. It is the perfect time to enjoy the finer things in life.

Factors Contributing to Retirement Decisions

As we are trying to figure out the key facts on retirement that play a significant role in the post-retirement days of a person, we must start with considering the factors that contribute to retirement decisions of human beings.

Financial Security

While considering his/her retirement decision, the first thing than an individual considers is his/her financial ability to retire. You must attain a certain financial state before you wish to retire from your work. In your post-retirement days, your earnings may come down substantially. Therefore, you must have the required financial strength to face the situation.

Some people wish to retire from their work as soon as they get eligible for Social Security or some private pension. There are also some others, who wait for the time when they feel that they can afford a retirement and can spend their coming days sans full-time work without any hitch.

Health Status

Individual’s health status also play a major role in their retirement decisions. It has been observed that individual tend to retire when they suffer from a chronic health problem. Similarly, those who are in sound health, often love to continue with their jobs.

Family Responsibilities

Often the retirement decisions of individuals get driven by the needs of the family members. Your retirement decision may also get affected if you have grandchildren or aging parents to look after.

Post-Retirement Adjustments

Retirement is an important phase of life that may call for a lot of changes in your life and lifestyle. Though retirement brings in plenty of freedom and excitement in your life, however, you need some personal adjustment to the new phase of your life. There are a number of factors that influence the adjustments to retirement.

Marital Status

Being married helps at a great extent during the time of retirement. It also brings in more satisfaction and adjustment to the retired life. Especially the men have to adjust themselves to the new environment where they don’t have any regular work to complete. In this critical juncture of life, social and emotional support provided by the wives can make your life quite relaxing.

Financial Resources

Your success and happiness in your post-retirement days largely depend upon your financial status and security. If you have higher income, you can afford to pursue various recreational and leisure activities.

Voluntary Retirement

It has been observed that those who have been forced to retire from their work due to various reasons like family responsibility, lay-offs or poor health, face more problem in adjusting to the retirement transition.

Set Your Goals

It is a continuous process to adjust to the retirement. You cannot adjust to your retirement completely within a very short period of time. It is better to set your goals and achieve each goal one by one.