Retirees seek new job due to recession


More and more retirees are opting to delay their retirement decision to cope up with the recent recession, surveys have shown. Some of the aged retirees are seeking new jobs to cope up with their losses.

A survey done on around 1,100 people have found out the hard fact that around 16 % of people who are 45 years of age or over have put off their plans for retirement and have decided to settle for pay checks. Some have even put up help wanted” ads to get assistance.

Experts say that most of the aged retirees are concerned about getting their health care benefits due to the recession. This is the reason why they have thought of extending their retirement period to get Medicare at 65 years of age. Experts also say that other factors like getting Social Security Benefits and the higher life expectancy rate have also contributed to such decision by the retirees.

Aged retirees over 65 years of age are also seeking part time or contract jobs to take care of their needs and cope up with their losses during recession. Survey say that around 17% of the workforce is around 65 years of age or older.