Retiree confidence getting lower


More and more retirees are losing confidence to properly fund their retirement or have a secure and safe retirement. The loss of confidence has mostly been due to the present recession and the massive job cuts and lay offs that have taken place all across United States.

According to recent surveys, only 13 percent of workers are very confident about having a secure retirement. Around 44 percent of workers are not so sure about having a secure post retirement period. Experts say that in addition to the recession and the falling prices, the increase in the debts, the reduction in retirement assets and other factors have led to the loss in confidence among retirees.

Well, there is nothing to worry. If you are prudent enough and act wisely, you can enjoy a great retirement even in this time of recession. According to experts the initial step “is to assess their current financial situation first rather than jump all the way to running retirement scenarios.”

Also try to evaluate the expenses. If you feel that your expenses are more than the income, it is time to reduce them and add money to the savings. Adding to the savings helps you in emergency situations. Also diversify your portfolio and have a mixture of bonds, short term funds, and bank savings and so on. To make investments in the right channels, consult your financial advisor.

Last but not the least, have confidence on yourself. Do not be panicked by the recession. Always remember that if you manage your funds properly and well, you will benefit.