Security products


Retirees are at risk when they are alone at home. There is always certain amount of insecurity for seniors. They can become easy victims of theft, burglary and even life threatening situations. For safety of retirees, there are various security products available in the market. These products will help aged people to stay safe and do their work easily.

Some of the security products retirees can have are –

Screecher Aerosol Alarm – This alarm emits an ear piercing blast which can be easily recognized as a call for help in an emergency. This security alarm comes with around 30 short blasts. This personal security alarm can easily fit into a purse or pocket.

Guardian Alert 911– This alarm will help aged people to contact a 911 emergency operator by just pushing a button. They can talk directly to the emergency operator through the pendant.

Nap Zapper – This is a very good security product for seniors who drive. The alarm can be used if old age people fall asleep while driving. It is a powerful anti-drowness alarm with an electronic sensor and can be worn over the ear. If seniors suddenly fall asleep and their head moves forward, a loud alarm rings to wake them up.

Burglar alarm cum personal security alarm – The burglar alarm can be hung on non-metallic door knob. A loud sound rings off when an intruder touches the knob. The burglar alarm can be taken any where and one have to just pull out the metal chain to ring the alarm to frighten an intruder.

Exterior surveillance wireless color video camera and monitor – This is one of the popular safety products for retirees. The camera system provides a rich color video feed to A VCR and television so they can see what’s happening around the house.

Medic Alert Systems – These systems come in two forms. One is in the form of necklaces, bracelets and watches. What ever medical problem you have will be engraved into these. The personal health information is on a wallet card which you can carry. It is also available online or through a toll-free number. The other form is the in-home two-way speaker system. This small equipment can be placed in your home and linked to a response center. The center has all your personal health information and can inform trained staff to call up emergency personnel to visit your house. The health information includes prescriptions, emergency contact numbers and names, medical directives, medical issues, and drug or food allergies.