Safety products


Of course, there is no place like home and older people are at a higher injury risk in their home. Therefore seniors need just some modifications or support to be safe in home. So try to be careful in the living room, kitchen and bathrooms.

In the living room, you should remove extension cords and other hazards which may lead to tripping. Hallways and stairwells can have light sensitive night lights. Install light switches at doors so you don’t have to walk in the dark. While in the kitchen, use strong step stools with handles and to reach out for things use poles. You can install grab bars in the bathrooms. The toilet should be higher to help you in sitting and standing.

Apart from these, you can buy safety products to help you keep safe in your home. Half of accidents happen in bathrooms especially when people get out or get in the shower and using the toilet. Ball type faucets in bathrooms and kitchens should be avoided as seniors having arthritis will find it difficult to manipulate. So lever-type faucets should be used. Some safety products you can use in the bathrooms are –

  • Bath Lift – You can now stop worrying about your bath as the bath lift provides you convenience of getting in and out of the bathtub without assistance. It is easy to install and comes in two pieces which can be easily disassembled and stored. There are easy to use hand controls for safe access into the tub.
  • Elevated toilet seats with handles – The raised toilet seat with arms is very convenient for people with limited mobility. You can easily get on and off the seat by holding the handles. There is a lock mechanism in front which keeps the seat well set on the toilet bowl.
  • Adjustable tub and shower seat – It is made of molded plastic and has non slip rubber feet. It can be easily assembled.

For your kitchen, you can have other cooking safety products like –

  • Rolling kitchen cart with cutting board – The board can be made of wood and has a pullout cutting board. It also comes with a built-in knife rack and casters.
  • Over stove mirror – The mirror can be mounted on the wall over a stove so you can see the burners in a seated position. The mirror is adjustable to allow you to give the best visibility.