Mobility and Lift Helpers


People in old age have problems with mobility and need assistance to move around. They can face accidents and other problems even while moving around their home. But a retiree living alone has more problems as he or she has to do most household work. Mobility and lift helpers are ideal for people who find it difficult to move around.

Mobility products include cane, rollator walker, wheelchair, scooter, uplift seat assist, portable ramp and lift chair. Mobility lift chairs look similar to ordinary arm chairs. It can help lift the load of one’s body. You can sit with greater support and control. People having a knee replacement or neck conditions can be benefited through the chairs. The chair helps one remove the strain while leaning forward, pulling oneself out, etc. electric-powered mobility lift chairs are helpful for people suffering from arthritis, hip issues or spine condition. The chairs may have two, three or more lift positions.

Cane Sling/Seat – It converts into a nice seat when open and a quad cane when you close it. The sling bench is made of nylon. It is perfect for those who have problems of walking a lengthy distance.

Universal Crutch Carry Ons – It can be easily attached to a crane or crutch. There are velcro brand fasteners loop straps which can be adjusted. There are four pockets to keep things. Therefore it is easy to carry things when you are walking.

Walker Tray – This tray will help you carry magazines, dinner, and crafts easily. It can also convert into a television and transport tray. It features 2 recessed cup holders and raised edges to prevent spills.

Rolling Shopping Cart with Seat – If you want to take a break while shopping, this is an ideal mobility product. The cart is easily foldable for easy storage and can carry 300 pounds. The bag is detachable and is hand washable and as well as waterproof.

All in one Shower Chair, Commode and wheelchair – You need not move out of the chair as it can be converted into a toilet and features a commode pail or splash guard. The quick release wheels convert the wheelchair to a companion chair in a few seconds. There is also a swing back.